NYS FLES Programs


A Foreign Language in the Elementary School program provides quality instruction in foreign languages to children in those grades that precede middle school or junior high school across the United States. Regular FLES programs concentrate primarily on the development of listening and speaking skills and on cultural awareness. Grammar is not ignored but is learned indirectly rather than through direct instruction. The goal of FLES programs is functional proficiency in a foreign language.

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Article: Mitzi Perdue: Language learning has benefits for children

FLES Programs in NYS

NYSAFLT is currently in the process of updating its records of school districts in New York State with a FLES program. View a current list of FLES programs in New York State. Click here for a map viewIf you have corrections or up-to-date to share with us, please contact us!

FLES Extension Courses

To view a list of FLES extension courses for teachers to extend their 7-12 certification to the elementary grade levels please click here.

Please remember – it is the responsibility of the participant to check and see if the class is approved by the NYS Education Department for Teacher Certification. NYSAFLT cannot guarantee that any of these courses have been approved. Thanks!

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