NYS Representative Nomination


The Leadership Initiative for Language Learning (LILL) was established by ACTFL in 2015, to empower individuals to become agents for change, foster a growth mindset focused on effective teaching and learning, and purposefully nurture leadership skills, all in the service of learners. New York’s Emerging Leader will have the opportunity to discover their sphere of influence for effecting change, to engage with peers from around the country, and to create a proactive plan to grow as an effective leader and language teacher.  

Eligible Nominees

The nominee or self-nominee must be a NYSAFLT member for a minimum of 2 of the last 3 years.
The nominee: 

  • Is actively engaged in the field of world languages;
  • Exhibits energy, positivity, and a growth mindset when approaching a project or task;
  • Is self-confident, a self-starter, and a self-motivator; 
  • Shows grit and perseverance when confronted with an obstacle, problem, or issue;
  • Exhibits distinguished leadership and committed service to NYSAFLT and the world language profession; and
  • Is willing to carry out LILL obligations and represent NYS languages locally, statewide, and nationally.

Nomination Requirements

Nominee applications will be reviewed by the present NYSAFLT Executive Committee, past LILL Advocates from NYS, and the DEI Committee Chair. The nominator is responsible for submitting the nomination packet and accompanying materials by March 1. All materials should be uploaded to the nomination form.

  • Nomination Information: Completed in its entirety. The nomination information page must be signed by the nominator, certifying that the nominee meets all of the requirements to participate in LILL. 
  • Nomination Narrative: All components of the nomination narrative must be completed and submitted. This should be completed either by the nominee or by the nominator in conjunction with the nominee. See scoring rubric. 
    1. Describe the positive impact the nominee has had on students and community. 
    2. Describe how the nominee has acted as an advocate for world languages in a school, a district, the state, the region, or the nation.
    3. Describe how the nominee representing LILL will benefit NYSAFLT and New York State.
  • Résumé or Curriculum Vitae: The nominee’s résumé or curriculum vitae will need to be submitted with the nomination. It should include information such as: educational history, dates, and titles of professional certificates/endorsements, professional work experience and membership in professional organizations. See scoring rubric. 
  • Letters of Support: Two letters of support must be submitted as additional documentation of nominee’s qualifications. Letters can come from superintendent, administrators, colleagues, students, parents, or civic leaders. See scoring rubric. 

Dates and Financial Requirements

This is a two-year commitment with an optional third year for Cohort 5 (2023-2025). The dates for LILL Cohort 5 will be announced at https://www.actfl.org/learn/emergingleaders when available. NYSAFLT commits up to $800 per year (for two years) for registration, travel, and housing. If the event is held virtually, NYSAFLT will cover registration and the cost of materials. The selected LILL representative is responsible for all other costs. 

Nomination Submission Process and Deadline

An electronic copy of the nomination packet (in PDF format) must be submitted to NYSAFLT via info@nysaflt.org by March 1, 2023, by 11:59 pm. The submission should include all required components of the nomination as one document. Incomplete or late nominations will not be considered. If interested, please return to this page in 2025.

To access the application form: