President’s Message

Jenny Delfini

Friends and colleagues,

A few short months ago, I asked you to take your summer break and come back refreshed. I’ve seen on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that we collectively have done that, from honing a green thumb in a backyard garden to wandering the streets of a city halfway across the globe. I saw evidence of teachers taking care of themselves to recharge and energize for the new school year. 

I also saw teachers getting ahead in their professional journeys. I was fortunate to attend one of NYSED’s Unit Design Workshops in my area. Dr. Joanne O’Toole, Bill Heller, and Dr. Lori Langer de Ramirez are true role models and dedicated professionals in our craft. I left that afternoon feeling better prepared to adapt and change my curricula as the start date for implementing the revised WL standards gets even closer – next fall!

Over 100 colleagues across the state attended sessions at our third virtual Summer Institute. Chair Swaz Piron organized a phenomenal line-up of presenters from New York and further afield, all of whom delivered highly engaging workshops. I want to extend my gratitude again to our colleagues near and far for their incredible contributions of both original ideas and precious time during our week together (read the report from Chair Swaz Piron in this publication for more details!). 

Please remember to register for our 105th Annual Conference in Rochester. Chair Marissa Coulehan has brought together an impressive selection of presentations; we will also be honoring John Carlino on Friday afternoon. As always, we will praise and celebrate our award winners at the banquet Friday evening, and all attendees are invited to join us Friday evening for some socialization and down time.

Many of you have seen changes in your departments; consider gifting NYSAFLT to your new colleagues! An annual membership purchased now will allow them to register for the conference, join our virtual workshops, and apply for scholarships and grants, through December of 2023. At just $45, what a deal for you and what a great way to welcome someone to your school and to teaching languages in New York State!

As you unpack those boxes, as you set up your planbook, as you read those IEPs, know that across the state, you have colleagues doing the same. NYSAFLT does more than just provide CTLE credits; we provide the basis for a network of colleagues across the state to lean on, to talk to, and interact with, so that we each can be the best teacher possible for our students.

I hope to see you all shortly in Rochester. Thank you for returning to the classroom, and I look forward to hearing about your triumphs and experiences!


Beth Slocum