Our History

The New York State Association for Language Teachers was founded in 1917.  Its purpose was, and remains, to serve the needs of the profession dedicated to the development of second language skills and cultural awareness among students.  The creation of NYSAFLT marked an important step in enabling schools to give their students an informed and sensitive global perspective in an era of international turmoil.

Since that time the same spirit has motivated world language teachers and served as the basic inspiration for this vibrant organization.

Each year the Association offers its members:

  • A network of communication with colleagues throughout the state.
  • Opportunities for professional growth through conferences and workshops regionally and statewide.
  • A direct link with the State Education Department.
  • An advocate’s voice among the members of the Board of Regents and the state’s legislators.
  • Various support services designed to enrich teachers’ professional lives.

Robert J. Ludwig - 1918-2011 Robert J. Ludwig | First Executive Director of NYSAFLT John Carlino John D. Carlino | Second Executive Director of NYSAFLT
William C. Anderson | Interim Executive Director of NYSAFLT | 2022 Michael T. Mitchell | Third Executive Director of NYSAFLT | 2022- Present


1946-47 Winthrop H. Rice 1993 Al Martino
1947-50 Charles Choquette 1994
Helene Combopiano
1950-52 J. Allen Pfeffer 1995 Carol Reed
1952-54 A. Harold Bagg 1996
Elizabeth Bossong
1954-56 Glenn Waas 1997 Michelle Bloom
1956-58 Lincoln Canfield 1998 David Graham
1958-60 Lucy A. Massey 1999 Janine Manley
1960-62 Robert M. Browning 2000 Don King
1962-63 Judah Lapson 2001 Marie Guillet
1963-69 Robert J. Ludwig 2002 Joan Militscher
1969 Sr. Rose Aquin Caimano 2003
Dawn Santiago-Marullo
1970-71 Sharon Moore 2004
Patricia Ann Ryan
1972-73 Joseph Tursi 2005 Linda Zusman
1973-74 Gladys Lipton 2006 Louis Baskinger
1974-75 Paul Cincinnato 2007 Joanne O’Toole
1976 Warren Born 2008 Paul Sabatino
1977 Maryalice Seagrave 2009 Sue Barnes
1978 Marcella DeMuth 2010
Susanne Hochmuth
1979 Robert Sherburne 2011 Nancy Ketz
1980 Patricia Sweet 2012 Mary Holmes
1981 Kay Lyons 2013
Deborah Carlson
1982 George Castellanos 2014
William Anderson
1983 Anthony Papalia 2015
Francesco L. Fratto
1984 Russell Webber 2016
Candace R. Black
1985 Paul Wood 2017
Marie J. Campanaro
1986 Shirley Sherburne Zimmer 2018
Michelle Shenton
1987 Anthony DeNapoli 2019 Beth Slocum
1988 Brenda Benzin 2020 Leslie Kudlack
1989 Nancy McMahon 2021 Sally Barnes
1990 John Webb 2022
Jenny-Lynn Delfini
1991 Nancy Wallace 2023
Marissa Coulehan
Mary Champagne Myers

NYSAFLT exists:
  • to promote the acquisition of languages and the exploration of cultural products, practices, and perspectives, as well as to support articulation at all levels of instruction
  • to provide opportunities for high-quality professional development and networking, by collaborating with local, state, and national organizations, while responding to the changing needs of the field
  • to include and embrace multiple perspectives, fostering student growth as global multilingual citizens
  • to advocate for the preservation and expansion of language acquisition programs
  • to recognize excellence in the world language education field


  • NYSAFLT strives to empower its members in supporting learners, as their authentic selves, on their multicultural journey to acquire languages.

For more information about NYSAFLT’s Strategic Planning goals for the future, please click here.