A message from 2022 NYSAFLT President Jenny Delfini

Jenny Delfini

NYSAFLT family: We are tired. The past two years have tested the professional community of teachers around the world, and especially here in New York. We have been online, masked up in the classroom, and both at the same time. We have looked forward to events that were then canceled or changed in unexpected ways. We have been told that things were returning to normal, only to have everything tossed and turned upside down all over again. It has been overwhelming. It can be easy to withdraw, to lose interest, to push the outside away. 

And still we teach. We teach because we love languages, we love the different and varied cultures found in our world, we love inspiring the next generation to meet and befriend people from those cultures, we love seeing the world improve as our students’ views change. We teach because we know the important value of what we do; with new standards at the state level, our task has been renewed, validated and energized by the state’s Department of Education, with hours of work from NYSAFLT past president, Candie Black, and her executive committee of NYSAFLT members Lori Langer de Ramirez, Bill Heller, and fellow past president Dr. Joanne O’Toole.

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The New York State Association for Language Teachers was founded in 1917. Its purpose was, and remains, to serve the needs of the profession dedicated to the development of second language skills and cultural awareness among students. The creation of NYSAFLT marked an important step in enabling schools to give their students an informed and sensitive global perspective in an era of international turmoil.

  • promote the study of languages and cultures as outlined in the state and national standards
  • serve all areas of language study

    including the Classics, Heritage Languages, English to Speakers of Other Languages, Bilingual Education, Native American Languages and American Sign Language;

  • view world languages as an integral part of a multi-disciplinary education;
  • view world languages as an integral part of the core-curriculum;
  • serve as a model for the interweaving of content and pedagogy;
  • serve as a clearinghouse for research and information (e.g., exchange programs, grants, courses, study opportunities);