World Languages NYS In the 21st Century

a NYSED Initiative

The goal of World Language NYS in the 21st Century is to provide teachers with instructional resource tools and models for updated practice on thematic, performance based curriculum and assessment design, aligned with national initiatives. Results of a 2016 survey uncovered an existing shift in practice from four skills to the three modes of communication, from checkpoints to Can-Do performance targets and from topics to expanded thematic planning for vertical alignment between levels, buildings and schools. At the same time, respondents expressed the need for more tools, resources, and professional development on all of the above. Full results of the survey will be presented in a future issue of the NYSAFLT Journal, written by Jennifer Eddy and Bill Heller.

As a result of that survey, the project team made a call for Articulated Performance Assessment Exemplars at regional conferences and the 2017 NYSAFLT Summer Colloquium. We seek exemplars from all languages, all levels of instruction, on all topics in the NYS Syllabus to serve as model tools for teachers to design their own performance assessments in the three modes of communication. These exemplars will ultimately be placed on the NYSED website with credit to the teacher authors. The call for participation is ongoing; please download the Call for Articulated Performance Assessment Task Exemplars PPT for more information.

This initiative aims to respond to your needs and requests as demonstrated in the initial and follow-up surveys. These tools will support in-service teachers on the preparation of performance based assessment tasks, with a goal toward bridging the gap on curriculum and assessment practices already required of new teachers for initial certification in NY.

The project team calls for your participation in various areas of the initiative. Please contact Dr. Patricia Lennon and Dr. Jennifer Eddy for more information.

NYSED Conference

November 6, 2018

FAQs (See PPT for complete details)

Who will create the Exemplars?

  • NYS Teachers! We need exemplars representing as many languages and theme/topics as possible from teachers all over NYS.

How will these be used?

  • These exemplars will serve as tools for PD in designing articulated performance based assessment. 

What is the procedure?

  • Choose a Theme, then a Topic           
  • Create task at three levels for Vertical Articulation
  • Describe your Authentic Material for the Interpretive Mode Task. This can be realia, text, image, multimedia: All welcome.
  • Develop task specific Can Dos for each Mode task at three Performance Level Targets: Novice Mid/High, Intermediate Low/Mid, and Intermediate High/Advanced Low