2023 Video Contest Winners

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(Video titles linked to YouTube where parent permission of all students involved has been granted.)



Teacher Name

School Name

Contest Category

Title of video

Video Link

Lower 1st place Wei Huang Glenwood Landing School Authentic Speaking Task Bubble Tea Shop Visiting https://youtu.be/sAbnzTohAAs
Lower 2nd place Roxsi Robles William B. Ward Elementary School Authentic Speaking Task En mi librería https://youtu.be/xJY-K4Hf2gs
Upper 3rd place Sandra Mesonero Evergreen Charter School Authentic Speaking Task Un restaurante peculiar https://youtu.be/Zk-qgZhHZqY
Lower 2nd place; best of division David Schultz Sea Cliff Elementary School Dance Sea Cliff Young Tai Chi Masters https://youtu.be/WJpWIE-4bUc
Lower 3rd place Jingwen Cai Glen Head Elementary School Dance Gongxi Gongxi https://youtu.be/5of_5Jfpegk
Upper 1st place; best of division Luis Montoya New Hyde Park Memorial High School Dance Danza Paraguaya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZC66ZC5d8-o
Lower 1st place Roxsi Robles William B. Ward Elementary School Language Advocacy World Languages are important https://youtu.be/GCkfXNgHlIc
Lower 2nd place Jingwen Cai Glen Head Elementary School Language Advocacy My World is different because of Mandarin https://youtu.be/NbVvRIGuWgk
Lower 3rd place Karla Vasquez Evergreen Charter School Language Advocacy Learning Languages is so much Fun! https://youtu.be/s0Ao_QZvQYk
Lower 1st place Amber Browning Willets Road School Poetry Recitation Sí Se Puede Video unavailable
Middle 3rd place; best of division Tara Tassani Cold Spring Harbor Jr Sr HS Poetry Recitation ¡Sí se Puede! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dHpX_EKLtU&feature=youtu.be
Upper 2nd place Mary Ellen Gianturco Depew High School Poetry Recitation Allé du Luxembourg https://youtu.be/7WEobhCoWog
Lower 2nd place Roxsi Robles William B. ward Elementary School Song Los Pollitos Dicen “Pío, Pío, Pío” https://youtu.be/m3oJ1eT4z8g
Lower 3rd place Esme Lim Sea Cliff Elementary Song Aleluya https://youtu.be/zAENZufDW-I
Upper 1st place Tara Tassani Cold Spring Harbor JrSrHS Song Je ne regrette rien https://youtu.be/ObFTE3eyPZc
Lower 1st place Carmen Berg Glen Head Tongue Twister Recitation Pepe Pela Patatas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=It9SvST7hNE
Lower 2nd place Lina Onufrock Glenwood Landing Tongue Twister Recitation Tomo Chocolate https://youtu.be/kcIwTzfMHsg
Lower 3rd place Esme Lim Sea Cliff Elementary Tongue Twister Recitation Trabalenguas (Pancha Plancha) https://youtube.com/shorts/lMe_tTbP2Ug?feature=share